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Project is a noncommercial voluntary association of RPG games fans. This site is not aimed at distributing any RPG game. It presents a communication vehicle for all engaged legal owners of licensed versions of those games. Official servers of RPG games are the only authorized commercial distributors of their software products.

We know what you want. All that we do โ€“ we do it for you!
You value quality and technical excellence?
You need safety and exceptional security?
You seek true adventures, lively game world, exquisite and eventful game?
All this waits for you here!

Unique free-servers on OFFICIAL PLATFORMS:
[NOT JAVA, not modded earlier chronicles, 100% authentic server files!]
- Gracia Final
- Freya High Five
- Ertheia

Unprecedented antihack protection system;
Authoritative administration;
No bugs and game errors;
Sustained work.

We took MMORPG to a higher level!
Make history by your own hands! Leave your mark in New Times Chronicle! Earn money with your creative work!

Unique mass RPG-events;
Designer's quests and puzzles;
Creative events and contests!
Join now!

We hope will give not only pleasure, new impression and adventures in virtual world, but also new friends.

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